Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Create Your Own Symbian Application Installation

Symbian MakeSIS

The Symbian MakeSIS tool is supplied with all Symbian OS SDKs to allow developers to package their applications within SIS files which allow convenient installation onto Symbian OS phones.

You can now download the source code for this tool with instructions for recompilation on a desktop-host machine running Microsoft Visual C++ (or another Windows development environment). This source code is being released in response to requests to publicise the file format of .sis files, so that Symbian OS developers can write their own tools to read, modify and/or create .sis files. Through the source release of MakeSIS this now becomes possible. Likewise recompilation of the MakeSIS tool itself for developer platforms other than Microsoft Windows is an option for the first time.

This release of the tool is not able to handle certificates and therefore sign the .sis files produced.


Installation and use
Download the ‘MakeSIS Source Code’ package.
Unzip the package and extract the contents to a suitable location.

- A Windows development environment (this is a Windows-based tool).
- Any Symbian OS-based SDK.
- Zlib 1.1.3.

Zlib 1.1.3 is included in the distribution package together with some handy MSDEV project and make files to get you up and running quickly.

Symbian OS

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