Thursday, March 13, 2008

Disable USB port for FlashDisk in Windows XP

Protect your file by disable your USB for FlashDisk (For Windows XP)

Here a small program that i developed to disable USB FlashDisk in your windows xp.
You can simply disable your USB port for FlashDisk by run this small program.

In ZIP file there is 3 files:
  • TicTac.exe : To disable your USB for FlashDisk, windows will not detect your FlashDisk when you plug your FlashDisk to USB port.
  • FixTicTac.exe: Just to active your USB for FlashDisk, but if the computer restart your USB will not be active again for FlashDisk.
  • RemoveTicTac.exe : Is to completely remove the program in your computer, so the USB port will be open again for your FlashDisk

RegNoUSB (Updated)

If you plug the new FlashDisk that you never plug before, the USB will be automatically open for the FlashDisk, so you have to restart the computer to disable the USB port for FlashDisk.


Dede Sulistio said...

Wow, nice with this program my manager always calls me to remove the registered flash disk :D

cost data recovery said...

Well this is a great work i m thank you for such nice post,this is a nice one for me now i can easily disable the usb thanks .