Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Prof Robert Langer is a pioneer of many new technologies, including transdermal delivery systems, which allow the administration of drugs through the skin without needles or other invasive methods.

His work in drug-releasing polymers eventually led to the creation of a novel way to treat brain cancer.

His research into polymers has allowed for more accurate and controlled release of drugs into the body.

Polymers include plastics, DNA and proteins, and while they are mostly thought of as plastics, polymers comprise a large class of natural and synthetic materials with a variety of properties and purposes.

Prof Langer's breakthrough was to create a three-dimensional matrix structure for polymers which allowed the drug molecules to pass through and into the patient's system.

His work has also brought about significant advances in tissue engineering, including synthetic replacement for biological tissues.

He has more than 600 issued and pending patents, has published approximately 1,000 articles and 13 books, and is known as the father of controlled drug delivery and tissue engineering.

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