Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tornadoes Destruction

A tornado is generally perceived to be one of the most violent weather disturbances you could ever face. The extremely fast whirling winds mean that tornadoes can travel for many miles at great speed causing massive destruction, death and cost to the people and environment they hit. As an example one tornado traveled for 293 miles across the USA crossing the states of Missouri to Indiana.

The fastest recorded tornado winds were moving at 286 miles per hour. This occurred in Wichita Falls, Texas on April 2nd 1958. Fortunately only 2% of tornadoes become this violent but despite this sadly 70% of tornadoes still result in human casualties.

Tornado outbreaks have also know to occur together. In March 28, 1984, the North and South Carolinas became victims to 22 tornadoes. The tornadoes killed 57 people and injured 1,248 others. The damage was estimated to be $200 million. The next year, May 31, 1985, the states of Ohio, Ontario, and Pennsylvania were terrorized by 41 tornadoes that killed 75 people and injured 1,025 others. Total damages were estimated at $500 million.

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