Wednesday, May 28, 2008

5 Secrets To Look Sexy

5 Secrets To Look Sexy With Flat Sandals

Flats have been in trend since years but some don't like wearing them for their simple appearance. Women do like wearing sandals for style aspects and to appear sexy. But flats don't give the sexy appeal they want. But this spring, it's all about flat sandals to boost up the joy and fun in you. These sandals are alternative sure-fire footwear for this hot summer and spring fashion.

Some women don't like wearing as they aren't as flattering as the stylish and sexy stilettos. But one can really appear seductive in these shoes, if they are paired with proper outfits. Well, here you can find some great secrets of looking sexy with these fabulous flats. So, skim through the below mentioned secrets and gain a seductive appearance with this footwear.

  • Pick a beautiful color that dazzles every step you walk. This season, flat shoes are designed in an array of colors and beautiful hues with superb styles. The most prominent and beautiful color of all is burnished bronze ballet flats, perfect for any club dance or disco. Silver too is versatile and the perfect cherry on the cake for beautiful evening gowns.
  • Showing a little gleaming flesh on your legs when pairing these flats will gain you a heck lot of sexy appearance. Capri pants will perfectly fit the bill for any casual wear while knee length capri pants will be the right bet for a more flattering look.
  • Floral designs are this seasons trend alert. So, in a sunny day, prefer wearing any beautiful floral dress paired with elegant floral ballet flats to appear cool and stylish in the hot summer.
  • Avoid wearing this footwear with flared pants or bell bottoms. This combination will truly give you a laid back style. Prefer wearing clean lines that give you a sleek and lean appearance. You can even prefer wearing straight and slender pants, streamlined skirts etc to charm your appearance.
  • Color of the sandals too plays a vital role in giving you a sexy appearance. Red, black, fuschia, silver, bronze etc will be the right cup of tea to go with any outfit giving you a luscious appearance. These colors lift your spirit to the endless skies of fashion and take your sex appeal go off the roof.


Anya said...

Thanks for the tips!! I always want to look sexy with my flat sandals. Those tips are really very useful for me.

Jonalen said...

Nice tips..! I prefer to wear high heel shoes for a sexy look.

james said...

i agree with jonalen...
i think high heel far more sexy than flat shoes :p