Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All You Can Do is Pray

We were making our way along a busy two-lane highway when a leisurely afternoon drive turned into a heart-pounding ordeal for our family. A pickup truck swerved wildly as it passed us, giving us some excitement we didn't want. The truck began tailing a semi and weaving across the road. Twice the driver, who was obviously drunk, forced oncoming cars oft the pavement.

As we followed the pickup from a safe distance. I looked for a police officer who could Let this person off the road. See rig none, we could only pray that no one would be killed. Then we saw the dust fly as the truck left the road. flipped over, and smashed against some trees. The
driver survived but was seriously injured.

Abraham must have felt helplessness as he pleaded with God to spare the wicked city of Sodom for the sake of just 10 righteous people, hut not even 10 could be found. Only Lot his wife, and two daughters escaped.

Often we meet people careening through life who won't listen to warnings or seek the hell) they need. They are tragedies waiting to happen. But we aren't helpless. We can ask God to he merciful to them in spite of themselves.

When all we can do is pray. praying is enough. --JDB

Pray on, then, child of God, pray on;
This is your duty and your task
To God the answering belongs;
Yours is the simpler part - to ask.


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