Thursday, May 22, 2008

Create your own icon for Windows XP and Windows Vista

IcoFX is a freeware icon editor. Create easily icons with transparency for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

In the integrated workspace you can easily preview, save, change your icons. You can convert your favorite images into icons, or icons to images. With the help of many tools and more than 40 effects icon creation is made easy. It offers powerful tools like Brighten, Darken, Blur and Sharpen for retouching your icons in minutes.

  • Support for Vista icon with PNG compression
  • Create icons for Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista
  • Support for transparency (alpha channel)
  • More than 40 effects + custom filter
  • Resolutions up to 256x256
  • Data types: 2, 16, 256, True Color, True Color + Alpha
  • Extract icons from 32 bit exe and dll
  • Import and export images
  • Transparent, Brighten/Darken, Blur/Sharpen tools
  • Built in resource editor for creating icon libraries or changing icons inside exe files
  • Zoom icons up to 10000% for increased precision
  • Import image dialog, for creating icons from images
  • Convert Macintosh icons to Windows icons and vice versa
  • Open, save, edit and convert Macintosh OS X icons
  • Extract Macintosh icons from resource files
  • Snapshot window for creating overviews of the icons
IcoFX 1.6.1


Anonymous said...

Good find. Not as good as RealWorld Icon Editor or IconWorkshop, but free!

wangcen said...

yes, free is the important thing :P thanks for your comment and try to keep visit my blog.