Monday, May 19, 2008

Desert of Diversion

Muynak was once a thriving fishing port on the Aral Sea. But today, according to James Rupert of the Washington Post, Muynak sits on the edge of a bitter, salty desert. Sand dunes are strewn with the rusted, hollow hulls of a fishing fleet that once sailed high above on the surface of Central Asia's fountain of life.

Things began changing many years ago when Stalinist planners began diverting the Aral's water source to irrigate the world's largest cotton belt. No one, however, envisioned the environmental disaster that would result. Weather has become more extreme, the growing season has been shortened by 2 months, and 80 percent of the region's farmland has been ruined by salt storms that sweep in off the dry seabed.

What happened at Muynak parallels the history of the church of Ephesus. Once a thriving spiritual community. the Ephesian believers diverted their attention from Christ to works done in His name (Rev. 2:2-4). They had lost sight of what was most important in their relationship with Christ-their love for Him.

Lord, help us to recognize and repent of whatever it is that diverts our attention from loving You. Flood the desert of our souls with Your living water. -MRDII

The works we do in Jesus' name.
The battles that are won.
Will not be pleasing to the Lord
Unless in love they're done


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