Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dock your Windows application to the System Tray

Iconize is a simple and small, yet very powerful little program that can dock any Windows application to the System Tray.

  • Can Dock Any Windows applications to the System Tray.
  • All Applications are restored to their previous states when "Iconize" exits.
  • If the Internet Explorer shell crashes, Iconize will rebuild your docked icons, and it´s own icon.
  • Simple right click menu allows you to select any running windows application to be docked.
  • Double click your programs System Tray Icon to restore the program.
  • A Simple two mouse clicks will dock any program.
  • Running programs are to dock are shown in the right click menu list, with their icon.
  • Does not use any gobal or system wide hooks, too keep your system running faster and smoother.
  • Double Clicking the System Tray icon will minimize all applications for you. (Great for WinNT, which doesn´t have "Show Desktop"!)
Iconize 2.0

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