Wednesday, May 28, 2008

God's Enablement

Author Gary Inrig tells an amusing story of a man who complained to a psychiatrist about having an inferiority complex. The doctor listened patiently, then said. "The good news is. you don't have a complex. The had news is, you are inferior!"

Gideon was a lot like that man. He was an unlikely candidate for national leadership. Because he was afraid of the Midianite raiders, he tried to remain unnoticed by threshing his wheat in a winepress. He never dreamed of leading Israel to a military victory over their enemies. But the Lord called him to a task that required great courage and leadership. lie pushed aside Gideon's plea of inadequacy. "Go in this might of yours,"He said. "Have I not sent you:"' (Jud. 6:14) God would equip him. Gideon's responsibility was simply to obey.

The Lord has made effective church leaders and teachers of people Mho never dreamed they could do the job. We must not let feelings of inferiority get us down or become an excuse for disobedience. God can enable us to perform far beyond our natural abilities

There is a special niche for you to fill. Ask God to help you be and do what He wants. The same God who enabled Gideon will enable you.

You may not be a superstar.
Your talents may be few;
But God will give ebablement
And power to see you through


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