Saturday, May 17, 2008

God's Way of Thinking

Today's Scripture contrasts two kinds of wisdom. The one is earthly and is dominated by envy and selfish ambition (v.14). It results in chaos and all kinds of evil (v.16). The other is heavenly wisdom, which is marked by the qualities listed in verse 17: purity, peace, gentleness, flexibility, mercy, goodness, fairness, genuineness. It is called the "wisdom that is from above."

I used this verse when speaking to a group of singles, and I asked if anyone could explain how to apply heavenly wisdom to a broken relationship. One woman said, "After my divorce. I was resentful toward my ex-husband. He was free to go out every night-, I had to stay home and care for the three children. He lived in a nice apartment; I had to keep our old house in repair. He got lots of attention; I didn't get any. I became envious and very angry. But then a Christian friend showed me how I was thinking. With God's help I was able to confess those jealous, angry thoughts and put them aside. I've been at peace ever since."

Wrong thinking leads to envy and resentment, which will only make us miserable. Let's read and meditate on James 3:17. It's a guide to right thinking-God's way of thinking. -DCE

Lord, satureate our thoughts with truth,
And let Your Word in us abide;
While thinking on the pure and good,
May our whole life ne edified


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