Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm Not Perfect

Musician Ken Medema was born blind, but his parents determined to treat him as a normal child. They taught him to play games, ride a bike, and water-ski. They weren't denying his condition; they were affirming his worth as a person. Growing up with that kind of love, Ken developed an inner wholeness that almost made him forget his disability.

One day on campus, he accidentally bumped into another blind student who said, "Hey, watch it. Don't you know I'm blind?" Instead of mentioning his own handicap, Ken apologized. "I'm sorry. I didn't see you."

As Christians, we too bump into tough situations in which our weaknesses are revealed. Unlike Ken, however, we often react immaturely and use our weakness es as an excuse. "After all, I'm not perfect," we argue.

The Corinthian believers had much spiritual growing to do I Cor. 1:11 ; 3:1). Therefore, as Paul closed his second letter to them, he wrote, "Become complete." He used a word that also means "adjust, mend, repair." It's our responsibility to make the needed adjustments. God's part is to keep on affirming His love for us regardless of our tendency to sin. And that He does, for Paul assured us that the "God of love" will be with us. -DJD

Father, forgive us for making excuse for our
selfishness and pride. Work in us so that those
who are spiritually blind may see Your love in us


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