Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just A Word

It was just a word spoken, without a doubt, in the proper context and with good intent. But it surprised at least one little listener.

Five-year-old David was ,sitting in church with his parent happily drawing and looking at pictures. seemingly oblivious to the pastor's message. But then the preacher said the word stupid David Sat bolt upright in his pew. frantically tapped his mommy on the arm and reported. "He Said stupid! Apparently this was a word David's parent had taught him not to use at home so when he heard the pastor. of all people, say it. he was filled with as much surprise and righteous indignation as a 5-year-old Could muster.

David didn't have the discernment to know that the pastor had not used the word in the hateful way his parents disliked. He didn't expect someone like the pastor to use the word at all.

People have a right to expect that our language Will he different from the world', because we are followers of Jesus Christ. It is inconsistent for us who have Christ living in us to use words of hate or profanity or cursing. That's James' point in today's text. Our words should always he sweet, not bitter words that would never offend a child. ---JDB

Words are things of little cost.
Quickly spoken, quickly lost;
We forget them, but they stand
Witnesses at God's right hand


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