Friday, May 9, 2008

No Sale

police officers in St. Louis have had at least one easy arrest. It occurred at the back door of the police station. The surprised suspect pulled his car right up to the booking window. It turned out he thought he was at Burger King. After attempting to place his order at what he thought was a drive-up window, the booking officer arrested him and charged him with drunken driving.

A man named Simony also got the surprise of his life. According to Acts R, he was a former occult practitioner in Samurai before becoming a follower of Christ. His surprise came when he walked up to the apostles and offered them money if they would give him power so that he could lay hands on people and impart to them the Holy Spirit. Immediately the apostle Peter accused him of being under the influence of something worse than alcohol.

Peter wasn't overreacting. It's dangerous to think that the power of the Hole Spirit is like a product that can be bought and sold. The Spirit's work is a gift of God that is freely LTiven on the basis of faith and faith alone. He has given us His Spirit to accomplish His purposes, not ours. The Spirit cannot be bought or bargained for.

Thank You, Lord, for the free gift of Your Spirit. -MRD It

O Lord, Help us protect our hearts
From evil that would enter in.
And may we guard our purity
Against the racages of sins


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