Sunday, May 25, 2008

Prisoners Free !

God's wonderful offer of salvation reaches everywhere, including prisons. Many men and women have found spiritual freedom behind bars.

At the annual dinner of a prison ministry in Muskegon, Michigan, Chaplain Mel Rikse introduced two special guests: ex-cons who had found freedom in Christ. The first was a middle-aged, respectable woman whose home had been turned into a dope house by so-called friends. Jailed after a drug bust. she was humiliated-until the chaplain led her to Christ. She testified. Because of Christ, I am not ashamed. He saved me and forgave me...

Then a young man slowly rose to speak. "You know the guys you told your kids to stay away from? That "as me. I broke every law. I was drunk all the time. I was always in jail. Even when I was out of jail I was a prisoner-a prisoner to myself. Then my cousin received Christ in jail. lie invited me to go to church with him. Me. in church! I heard the message of Jesus' love, and I believed. Now I'm free. not only from nights in jail but also from the prison of myself."

What about you'? Are you behind bars' Perhaps you are imprisoned by feeling,,, of sin and guilt. Put our trust in Christ. He sets prisoners free!

The burden of my guilt is gone,
My conscience is set free;
Christ purged my sin and paid my debt
By dying on the tree


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