Friday, May 9, 2008

Resist Toxins With Herbs

Though your body has a built-in ability to resist toxins, it can do so for only so long. At some point, resistance fails and all kinds of health conditions set in. That’s when resistance herbs, also called adaptogens, can be used to raise resistance to toxins.

Select an adaptogen that is most appropriate to your particular health needs. (Though adaptogens have similar features, they also have individual strengths.)

Use adaptogens when you are heading into a toxin-rich time, such as when you are going to paint your house, fly on a plane or go on vacation where it’s likely that you’ll overindulge.

Use adaptogens to raise your resistance to toxin exposure if you are routinely exposed to toxic substances. Farmworkers, lawn-care workers, dry cleaners, hairdressers, chemical factory workers, petrochemical refinery workers, commercial cleaners and hotel maids can all benefit from using adaptogens.

Use adaptogens to raise your resistance to the toxicity of prescription medications. Over-the-counter and prescription medications, while helpful, also put stress on your body. These compounds were not meant to be in your body, and so your body has to work to get them out. If you regularly take medicine, consider using an adaptogen.

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