Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rooting For Both Sides

A man attending a major league baseball game caused a hit of commotion with the people around him. No matter which team made a hit or a run, the fan would cheer. Finally someone asked him, "Why are you rooting for both teams'?" The man explained, "Well, I live way out in the country and I don't get to many games, so I pull for both sides. That way, no matter who wins, I go home happy."

You don't have to be a sports fan to know that if you have a strong loyalty for a team you won't root for both sides. Yet that's what we do if we talk and act like Christians when we are around fellow believers but act as if we don't know Jesus when we are with unbelievers. This kind of behavior may indicate that we really aren't sure which side is right, or that we lack the courage to be identified with Christ.

In Peter's case, it was the latter. When he was with Jesus on the night of His arrest, he said he would die for the Master, and he meant it. But a few hours later, standing with those who despised Him, he denied he ever knew Jesus.

We can take heart from Peter's experience. Like him, we can be transformed by the Holy Spirit into brave disciples for Jesus. Let's not be wispy-wash,,. We know who the winner will be. So let's live like it. -JDB

What fickle souls we often are!
We give our praise to Christ the Lord
Yet quickly turn aside from Him
when people ridicule His Word


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