Monday, May 12, 2008

See information about your hardware

CPU-Z is a free diagnostic tool that provides information on your CPU and some of the main devices of your system, including:

  • Name and number.
  • Core stepping and process.
  • Package.
  • Core voltage.
  • Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier.
  • Supported instructions sets.
  • L1 and L2 cache information.
  • Location, size, speed, and technology.

  • Vendor, model and revision.
  • BIOS model and date.
  • Chipset (northbridge and southbridge) and sensor.
  • Graphic interface.

  • Frequency and timings.
  • Module(s) specification using SPD (Serial Presence Detect) : vendor, serial number, timings table.

  • Windows and DirectX version.

What's New in version 1.45:
  • Intel Atom Z500/Z510/Z520/Z530/Z540 processors.
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E7x00 processor.
  • AMD 45 nm Phenom (Dened & Shanghai) processors.
  • Intel P45 chipset.
  • Exe file properties: MD5 (cpuz.exe 1.45) : DD4E540C04297CF93DC721166C13446E
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