Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Self-centeredness is a universal human problem. I saw a news documentary that exposed a manufacturer who sold inferior repair parts to airplane companies, putting profit above the safety of human lives. The program also told about a factory that was getting away with pouring pollutants into a stream. The attitude of company officials seemed to be. "If it doesn't hurt me and my family, why should I care'?"

A man told me he had buried some old barrels of used oil on his farm. He chuckled and said, "You and I will be dead long before this stuff seeps into the water table."

King Hezekiah did many good things for his country, but near the end of his life he developed a self-centered attitude. After the king unwisely made a treaty with the Babylonians, the prophet Isaiah said that his descendants would be conquered and forced into slavery. Instead of showing remorse, the king expressed relief because this disaster would not occur in his lifetime. He was thinking only of himself.

This "me only" mentality influences every one of us. Self-centeredness even infects our prayers. That's why we must rely constantly on the power of the Holy Spirit to displace self -centeredness with Christ's love. -HVL

if we would sense the love of Christ
At work within our soul,
We must give up our selfishness
And take a servant's role


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