Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sharing The Load

n a horse-pulling contest at a county fair the first-place horse moved a sled weighing 4,500 pounds. The runnerup pulled 4,000 pounds. The owners of the two horses wondered how much the animals could pull if they worked together. So they hitched them up and loaded the sled. To everyone's surprise, the horses were able to pull 12,000 pounds.

Sometimes in the Lord's work we try to pull the weight of a job all by ourselves. However, when we team up with others we work with greater efficiency and can accomplish so much more.

That's what happened with Moses when the Israelites came to him to settle their disputes. At first he worked alone. His judgments were effective, but his method was inefficient. His father-in-law, who saw that he would soon wear down, advised him to handle only the difficult cases and let other wise leaders take the easier ones. Moses heeded his advice. He increased his efficiency, and much more work was accomplished.

We may think we can carry a heavy load of work for the Lord, but if we are wise we'll recognize our limits. Sharing our efforts with others will not only ease our burden, but it will also multiply the work that gets done. -JDB

God's people have so much to do
In serving Christ today,
If they don't share the heavy load.
They'll falter on the way


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