Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Believing Without Seeing

Nearly 2,000 Nears ago the apostle Peter had a dramatic visit from a heavenly messenger. Even today some: people tell of receiving help from angels.

A small child named Pat lost her leg in an accident and bled profusely. At the hospital she overheard a doctor tell her mother, "She won't last until morning." A short time later. Pat felt a gentle hand on her forehead and heard someone say, "Go to sleep, Pat. When you wake up. you'll be better."

Her mother, only a few, feet from the bed, heard and saw nothing. But that night Pat slept soundly, and the next morning she was Much better. Today, Pat is convinced that it was an angel who touched her and spoke to her that night.

Many Christians doubt stories like that. 1'm not that skeptical, however. I believe that angels do minister to God's people because the Bible says they do (Heb. 1:14). But I feel no need for such an unusual experience because God has made Himself so real to me through His Word.

Jesus' words to Thomas in John 20:29 apply, I believe, to those who trust the Bible even though they have had no dramatic encounters. There is a promised blessing for those who believe without seeing. -HVL

God, give me the faith of little child
Who trust so implicity,
Who simple and gladly believes Thy Word,
And never would question Thee


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