Friday, June 20, 2008

A Departing Blessing

The cancer-stricken believer was dying. I was in his room as his family gathered around him. One by one he spoke to his children, to their spouses. and to his young grandchildren. He gave each a loving, tender blessing. Even his warnings were spoken with gentleness. He reminded them to keep the Lord in the center of their lives. We wept together, knowing that soon he would no longer be with us. A few days later he died.

Our Savior was, doing much the same thing, when He left this earth. Rather than weep as they saw Him leave, His disciples were filled with great joy, even though they understood only dimly how they would experience His blessings. But Jesus would soon send the Holy Spirit to indwell them (Acts 1-2). He would carry on a ministry of intercession for them before the Father's throne (Rom. 8:34). And the promise of His return would comfort them (1 Thess. 4:13-18).

Let's rejoice in the blessings our Sav ior left us when He returned to His Father. And as we have occasion. let's encourage our loved ones to keep Jesus at the center of their lives. Someday we will depart from this earth, and our example and words may be the most precious blessing we can leave behind.

Your parting words. O Lord give hope,
They're filled with promise, joy, and love;
Help us to share what You have done
With spirit power from above


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