Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ethics of Good News

I f a scientist discovered the cure for cancer, we would expect the discovery to be shared with the world. Basic ethics requires that good news not be kept secret.

When the king of Syria laid siege to the city of Samaria, the food supply was cut off. Four men with leprosy, deciding it would be preferable to die at the hands of the Syrians than to starve, went to surrender to the enemy. But when they came to the camp, they found it deserted. The army had fled in the night.

Food lay everywhere. The four men stuffed themselves, and they were tempted to remain silent about the good news. But then the memory of Samaria with as famished inhabitants came back to them. "We are not doing right," they said (2 Ki. 7:9). So they became evangelists bearers of good news-and told others. Ultimately, evangelism comes down to this: one starving person telling another starving person where to find food.

You and I have discovered the salvation that is found in Jesus Christ. It is a breakdown of basic integrity to keep that truth to ourselves. If we have found the cure for a guilty conscience, if we have found the food of life, we are obligated to share it with others. -HwR

The Love of Christ constraineth us
To save a world from hell.
Tp Preach and reach the uttermost
And each lost sinner tell


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