Friday, June 6, 2008

Everything I Have

In Peter Deison's book The Priority of Knowing God, he tells about an occasion when President Eisenhower was addressing, the National Press Club. He opened his remarks by apologizing because he was not a great orator. Then he told his audience that his situation reminded him of' a boyhood experience on a Kansas farm.

Eisenhower recalled. "An old farmer had a cow that we wanted to buy. We went over to visit him and asked about the cow's pedigree. The old farmer didn't know what pedigree meant, so we asked him about the cow's butterfat Production. He told us that he hadn't any idea. Finally. we asked him if lie knew how many pounds of milk the cow produced each year. The farmer shook his head and said. 'I don't know. But she's an honest old cow and ,he'll give you all the milk she has! ' "

Eisenhower then concluded his opening remarks. "Well I'm like the cow: I'll give you everything I have.

The Lord doesn't expect from us any more than we have to offer, but He does want us to be faithful and to provide a quality of service that comes from doing our very best. May we say willingly and gladly "Lord, I'll give you everything I have." -Rw1

Give of your best to the Master,
Give Him first place in your heart,
Give Him first place in your service,
Consecrate every part.


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