Tuesday, June 10, 2008

God of the Hills ands Streets

The 121 st Psalm w as a favorite of my father. The Scottish people called it "The Traveler's Psalm." Whenever a family member, a guest, or a friend was leaving on a journey. this psalm was read-or more often sung at family prayers. When my father left the "old country" as a teenager to sail alone to the United States, he was bidden farewell with this psalm.

Over the years, my father enjoyed many hearty days and endured others that were dark and grim. In World War I, he carried this psalm's words with him into battle, and then out of it as he lay in a hospital for almost a year recovering from shrapnel wounds. In verse 1, the psalmist looked beyond the hills to the God who made them. My father lived in the toughest section of New York City, and though he seldom saw hills he held to the assurance that the God of the hills was the God of the dangerous streets as well.

How many goings out and comings in my father made in his 87 years! And when he went out for the last time, I believe he was singing Psalm 121 as he descended into the valley and traveled home to the other side.

How reassuring that the God of the hills and streets goes before every believer in Christ! -HWR

He will ever keep thy soul,
What would harm He will control;
In the home and by the way
He will keep thee day by day


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