Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Mansion With Many Rooms

A elderly preacher had secretly dreaded dying and felt helpless to console others who were facing that prospect. But that all changed one day when he was packing to move away from the town where he had ministered for many years.

When all his household goods had been placed in the van. he lingered for a time in the house where his children had been born and where he had enjoyed so many hours of study and communion with the Lord. It was as if he couldn't let go of all the joyous memories of the past. Just then a close friend. who had been helping with the packing, sensed his hesitation and tapped him on the shoulder. "Pastor, your new home is better than this one." Those words struck home. With an insight born of the Holy Spirit, the pastor suddenly realized that his home in heaven would be far superior to the finest home he would ever have on earth. It was a turning point in his spiritual growth, and after that he no longer dreaded dying.

Yes, right now Jesus is preparing a special place for each of His children in that eternal mansion with its many rooms. Although we cannot fully grasp all that this mean, we need not fear death. Our new home will be so much better than am thim, we will ever base on earth. HUB

I have a home above,
From sin and sorrow free;
A mansion which eternal love
Designed and formed for me


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