Friday, June 13, 2008

A Reason To Do Right

We do many things because of fear. We pay the rent so we won't be evicted. We carry insurance so an illness or accident doesn't wipe us out financially. We drive within the speed limit so we don't get a ticket. And we try not to sin so God won't punish us at least according to a couple of my friends. "If I even thought about cheating on my husband," one said, "God Would strike me dead!" Another said, "If I ever stole from my company. God would take away everything I own."

Is that what the Bible teaches'? Is fear of God valid motive not to sin? Well, it was for Job. Twice our Scripture reading tells us that he feared God and shunned evil (1: 1.8). So we
can safely assume that there is a connection between fear and right behavior. But we must understand an important distinction. This "fear" is not a superstitious terror of a fickle god who zaps us the instant we do wrong. Rather, it is a deep respect and reverence for God's holy character and awesome power. It is a healthy fear. not only of sin's painful consequences but of sinning against the One who loves us and on whom we depend for our very life. And it we love Him, we will not want to offend Him.

Yes, the fear of God is a good reason to do right.

We love You, Lord, and want to do
What's pleasing in Your sight;
Help us to fear sin's consequence.
So we will do what's right


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