Monday, June 9, 2008

Seasons of Motherhood

As a pastor. I have shared with manv women the seasons of motherhood. I have called on mothers in the hospital and rejoiced with them for their precious baby that had come into the world. I have counseled with anxious mothers and tried to assure them that their teenage daughter's marriage was not necessaryly a big mistake. I have stood with mothers at the bedside of an injured or ill child and felt their pain. And I have cried with them in their grief when their son or daughter died.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, also experienced these times of joy and sorrow. What joy when the Christchild was burn! What excitement when the shepherds and later the wisemen came to worship Him! What uneasiness when Simeon prophesied that a sword would pierce her soul! And what heart-wrenching grief as she watched her Son dying on the cross! But her seasons of motherhood didn't end with that terrible scene. She saw Jesus alive after He rose from the grave. And because she trusted Him as her Savior, she is now in heaven with Him.

A mother experiences great joys, and intense sorrows. But if She submits her life to God, as Mary did, every season of, her motherhood serves His eternal purposes.

Thank You, Lord, for motherhood
With all its vale of tears.
For happy moments never dimmed
Through all the many years


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