Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tax Dollars at Work

Springtime in Michigan is road repair time. When the weather warms, the road crews swarm as they try to get potholes patched up before they become craters. Often when we come to a road-repair detour, we see a sign that reads, YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK. In this day when we often wonder where our tax money goes, it's nice to be reassured that it is being spent for a good purpose.

During the reign of King Joash o1 Israel, the people also had an opportunity to see their money at work doing worthwhile repairs. What makes that occasion so noteworthy is that the people who handled the money could be trusted completely to use it for its intended purpose. "They
dealt faithfully," Scripture tells us (2 Ki. 12:15).

People who pay taxes or donate to Christian causes expect their money to be used for the specific purpose for which it was intended-whether that is to repair roads build a church, support missionaries, or feed the hungry So, if we are asked to handle funds for someone else-from the highest levels of government down to the dues for a youth group-honesty must be our highest priority.

The people of Joash's day have a message for all of us in the 20th centurty. Let's be sure we hear it. -JDB

Integrity is what we gain
By walking in God's light;
It's worth far more than precious gold
To do what's true and right


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