Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who Got Us Here ?

The stories break your heart. A wife works hard for years to help her husband get through school. Then when they should be enjoying the fruits of his education, he takes off with another woman and leaves her to struggle along as a single parent. Sometimes it's a husband who sacrifices and a wife who leaves him.

Or a son comes into the family business and rises to the top. Then. when he is well-established, he cuts Dad Out of the picture, leaving him with nothing for his years of labor.

Or a leader is made Strong by the faithfulness of God-fearing, people under him. Then when his position is Secure. he forgets those who helped him prosper.

The first two situations are fictional variations on a common. modern-day theme. The third is what Rehoboam actually did as king of Judah. Early in his reign. Levites came to Jerusalem, and their devotion to God helped to Strengthen his kingdom (2 Chron. 11: 16-17). But after lie was well-established, he forsook the law of God ( 12: 1 ). betraying, those who had helped him.

Along the way, we all have people who help us. Maybe it's a spouse. or a friend. or a father. Let's thank God for them and never forget A ho Lot us here. -JDs

Consider what the Lord has done
Through those who've shown you love,
And thank Him for each faithful one
A blessing from above


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