Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fertility Myths

True or False?

  • It's usually the woman's fault if she can't get pregnant (False).
  • You cannot get pregnant when having sex during your period (False).
  • Sperm only live for several hours (False).
  • You need to wait at least three months after stopping birth control pills before you can start trying to conceive (False).
  • The best way to time intercourse is always on the 14th day of your cycle (False).
  • Having an orgasm helps you get pregnant (False).
  • Ovulation happens when the BBT drops (False).
  • You should have sex every other day if you want to get pregnant (False).
  • You can diagnose implantation or pregnancy from cervical changes (False).
  • You can get pregnant several days before and after ovulation (False).
  • Vaginal secretions always mean that there is an infection (False).
  • Stress prevents a woman from getting pregnant (False).
  • If you had a miscarriage in the last pregnancy, there is an increased risk to have another miscarriage. (False).
  • Fertilization happens inside the uterus (False).
  • Moderate exercise will prevent you from getting pregnant (False).
  • When taking your basal body temperature, you should have sex when the temperature goes up (False).
  • Your first pregnancy symptoms usually start before you miss your period (False).
  • If you have only one ovary, you ovulate only once every two months (False).
  • If you haven’t become pregnant after three months of trying, something must be wrong (False).
  • A negative pregnancy test on 12 DPO means that I am not pregnant (False).
  • A positive blood pregnancy test means that I am pregnant (True, but not always).
  • Women who can't get pregnant often have problems with the cervical mucus (Rarely).
  • Ovulation always happens on cycle day 14 (False).
  • Sperm can survive several days inside the vagina (False).
source : babymed.com

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