Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fly With Eagles

A well-known business leader commented on the winners and, the losers in his field. "The winners fly with eagles." he said, "and the losers run with turkeys."

When Jesus selected the small group to whom He entrusted His mission in the world, the men appeared to be anything but "eagles." Yet Jesus knew that by His power and grace then could soar. But He had to teach them to fly together.

What a strange mix! There was Peter, impetuous and uncouth. And Andrew, simple and believing. Thomas had a question mark for a mind. Matthew probably held his post as tax collector by cooperating with the Romans. And Simon. a Zealot. may have belonged to a guerrilla band determined to disrupt Roman trade or to riot in the streets to make life miserable for the foreign overlords. Think of it-one from the political right, the other from the left. It would he a little like having a lawyer for the ACLU and an organizer for the John Birch Society on the same church board.

Why this diversity? Perhaps to teach us that loyalty to Jesus comes first. Discipleship, true to its name. requires us to learn love and obedience and submission in a diverse community of faith under one Head-Jesus Christ. -- HWR

God builds His church with different stones,
He makes each one belong;
All shapes and sizes fit in place
To make the stucture strong


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