Friday, July 4, 2008

Internet Ghost Attacked the PlayStation's Website

The Attack cracker appear to not have the death. Currently internet ghost this attacked the site of PlayStation United States. This was announced by Sophos, the security information technology company. The researcher in Sophos say that thins internet ghost has the success used the SQL injection to invest the code in the page for several game.

Further was revealed by the researchers that cracker tried to deceive the special page visitor game Singstar Pop and God of War by making the existence warning of the virus in their computer. The user was then asked for downloading a software antivirus actual was the bad program that would install the virus and Trojan Horse to casualties's computer.

This cracker also used fake software antivirus that to get the data of casualties's credit card.
Estimated, cracker this had the potential to carry out the attack that was more dangerous including to install the code to guide Windows PC to one botnet or stole even more secret information from his casualties.

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