Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No Comparison

A employee in the bill collection department of a large store gave me an insight into human nature. He told me that over and over he gets a similar response from customers who are delinquent in paying their bills. They argue, "I know you must have others who owe a lot more than I do. Get off my back, will you!"

The employee then told me, "They miss the point entirely. Sure, there are a lot of others who owe more. But somehow I have to tell them in a nice way, `Look, what somebody else owes isn't the issue. Our records say that your account is overdue! "'

The tendency of sinful man has always been to shift attention from himself by pointing the finger at others. Religious people excuse their inconsistencies by referring to the "pagans" around them. And the "pagans" try to sidestep the issue by talking about the hypocrisies of the religious. But God is not fooled by finger-pointers.

When someone else appears to be a greater sinner than we are, it's just an illusion. The sooner we realize that no one owes more to God than we do, the more likely we are to receive His free forgiveness. He extends His pardon only to those who humbly acknowledge that they are hopelessly in debt. MRD 11

My sin, O Lord, defies Your Word,
It scrons Your holy name;
I will nor make excuse for wrong
Christ's blood is all i claim


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