Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The North Pole without Ice

The rise in the temperature in the Arctic region, the North Pole, caused the liquefaction of increasingly fast ice and spread. For the first time in the history, the North Pole territory possibly without ice in the hot season this year.

"We predicted this year the North Pole region possibly free from ice for the first time," said David Barber, the researcher from the Manitoba University, that was carrying out the expedition by the Canadian ice-breaker, CCGS Amundsen. The Barber opinion was support by direct observation and the satellite image. The data shows, most ice there was the young layer that aged less than a year. This layer was formed for the length of the cold season.

Young ice very fragile and risky melting in the hot season higher than eternal ice that was formed since for years. The rise in the risky also temperature diluted the layer of ice that was thicker although having the opportunity of remaining in the hot season this year.

This estimate was faster than the prediction uptil now. To the climate model beforehand, the Arctic ice region it was predicted just was free ice for the first time in the year 2013-2030. This matter showed the global warming threat came faster. "We lost 65 percent layer" of "ice in the north crack in a year," said the barber. The record of the liquefaction that was felt last year, according to the scientists, as a result of the combination of the warm flow, the dry wind, and the intense sun rays. The damaging combination not necessarily happened this year, but his impact has begin to be seen.

The region that melted in fact immediately was again closed the layer of ice because of the cold season that also the extreme. However, the layer of ice that was formed too thin so as susceptible broke and melted.

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