Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tips To Increase Your Google Page Rank

To increase your Google page rank you have to Love Your Older Post. these are some tips that i found from internet.

Link to Old Posts: Want to revitalize an old blog post easily? Just link to it. A new incoming link drives traffic to it, as well as search engines..

Add Intrasite Links: Go through your old posts and look for opportunities to link from within the post to other related posts you’ve written more recently.

Create Your Own Top 10 List: Write a blog post featuring your top 10, 25, or 50 blog posts, honoring them as your favorites, most popular subject matter, or most popular for the year or month, creating a list directing readers to the old posts.

Use Related Posts: Through a Related Posts WordPress Plugin or manually, add a list of related posts to the bottom of your blog posts, pointing readers to your old posts for more information and reference

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Sparsha said...

Your blog is really nice reading :) learnt about page ranking thanks.