Tuesday, November 4, 2008

All About Lamps

First Electric Incandescent Lamps
Sir Joseph Swann of England and Thomas Edison both invented the first electric incandescent lamps during the 1870s.

How Incandescent Lamps Work
Incandescent lightbulbs work in this way: electricity flows through the filament that is inside the bulb; the filament has resistance to the electricity; the resistance makes the filament heat to a high temperature; the heated filament then radiates light. All incandescent lamps work by using a physical filament.
Thomas A. Edison's lamp became the first commercially successful incandescent lamp (circa 1879). Edison received U.S. Patent 223,898 for his incandescent lamp in 1880. Incandescent lamps are still in regularly use in our homes, today.

Today's invention factories produce a range of lighting devices that Edison could hardly have imagined. Use of these modern lamps has fundamentally altered the way we live.

These are several examples of lamps that now is in the world:
Lamps considerations are now an integral part of the design of houses, offices, factories, museums, and other buildings. Architects and engineers consider not only light levels but also heat generation and long-term costs. And, increasingly, they consider energy conservation. In Thomas's words, they consider "the whole building as an energy-saving box."

The question for this exhibition is to what extent can this be considered a new "revolution"? In 19th Century Consequences we suggest that Edison's invention (with help from many others) led to two dramatic changes. One was our complete control over interior Lamps. The second was the power infrastructure that brought electricity into homes and offices and made it economical to introduce a wide variety of electrical appliances and fixtures.

For 20th Century Consequences we would like you to consider two additional changes, still in process. One is the control we are achieving over exterior light. The second is the degree to which Lamps is contributing to our understanding of the importance of energy conservation.

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