Sunday, April 12, 2009

Course Hero: online social learning

Graduate and undergraduate students can always find their topics of study on the internet or the library.They have to make their own searches and spend some time trying to find the best textbook or the relevant material to help prepare for a test or exam.If they are lucky enough,they may have a friend who was willing to part with their study notes which they finished with,the previous year.

Course Hero is an online social learning network of students and educators that provides advanced information for learning and sharing the entire course related theories and concepts outside the classroom. Course Hero provides another way in learning. Course Hero is a way to learn through social network.

They also provide textbook solutions that help in problem solving and develop student’s ability of learning. Study guides of many top and reputed universities like UCLA EE Class Note and EE 2 UCLA Class Note can be easily accessed through this site by joining study groups. If you are on Facebook,it is beneficial as Coursehero is a Facebook application partner.Being on Coursehero translates to better grades using the resources 24x7.Whether it be an Electrical Engineering Lecture Note ,PowerPoint slides for a lecture in Corporate Finance or Chemistry Lab reports,you will find them all here.

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