Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paris Hilton Best of the Best awards

Paris Hilton is one of my favorite actress, I like her face and her style. She is for me the best of the best in her group of same actresses. She was on Best of the MTV Movie awarsd. She has actually won several awards, but what I like most about her is the way she performed in the movie House of wax. She deserves Best of the Best Awards. But of course, she's the only one who deserves a BOB award, there are other things that are really performing best in their field.

Choosing the best of the best is the best thing that we should be able to learn. The way we choose the best artist or actor or actress that can make us happy gives us the best fulfillment. Likewise, choosing the best of the best in the field of entertainment at home is also something that is fulfilling. Please nominate directsattv in the Best of the
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