Sunday, July 10, 2011

Carry a Camera Wherever You Go (Improve Your Photography)

Carry a Camera Wherever You Go

The way to become a better photographer and get the most from your digital camera is to just use the thing. Take it with you wherever you go. Get used to carrying it around and shooting some images. Get over that embarrassed feeling of taking pictures of things when other people are around. Just ignore them, or better yet, take their picture! As a bonus, you then have more images to play with when you begin to edit them in Photoshop or Elements, or which ever image editing software you’ll use.

I was doing a consulting gig a few years back for General Motors in downtown Detroit. Often during lunch breaks, I'd take a walk around the downtown area, carrying one
of my digital cameras. I was able to get many good shots of the unique architecture the downtown area offers. I wouldn't have that opportunity if I didn't carry a camera with me each day I was working on my GM Web project. At that time, the Super Bowl was in town, February 2006, with the press center for the week being held at Detroit's Renaissance Center, the home of General Motors World Headquarters. The entire media, sports and celebrity world converged in the building where I was spending all my time. Great opportunity for shots I normally wouldn't have a chance to get.

I wasn't planning on photographing anything in particular, actually, I didn't have the time. I was working on a large Web project and deadlines were looming. What I did manage to do was walk around the huge spectacle, and fire off a few shots worth keeping. One in particular, was of Aaron Neville, who was to sing the National Anthem before the game. I caught him in the hallway after one of his many press interviews. Summary: If you're like me, you may have a few digital SLR's that aren't too convenient to carry around or leave in a car all day long. What I do, is carry a compact digital camera, one with quality such as the Canon G11 or the Nikon Coolpix P6000 Both of these cameras will serve you well, and fit into a pocket, purse, briefcase or backpack.

by: Kevin L. Moss

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