Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How to find Len's Optimal Aperture?

Optimum Aperture
Every Lens, however cheap, has one particular aperture that produces the sharpest result at the point of focus. This aperture is known as the optimum aperture. When critical sharpness is required, use the optimum aperture to get the maximum sharpness the lens is capable, at the focus point.

How to find the Len's Optimal Aperture? (This assuming that your lens focuses accurately)
  1. Stick a large printed paper on the wall. Set up the camera on a good tripod and carefully align it so that the sensor is perfectly parallel to the paper.
  2. Taking extra care not to shake the tripod, take shots at every possible aperture.
  3. Check the images side by side on a computer screen. The sharpest text indicates the optimal aperture of that lens.
by: Rohinton Mehta

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