Monday, July 25, 2011

Tips or guidelines when take Nature/Wildlife picture

Tips or guidelines when take Nature/Wildlife picture
  1. Don't make sudden moves. Any sudden move will startle the animal and it will cause it to flee.
  2. Don't approach the animal in a straight line. As soon the animal sees you, it considers you as danger. hence the best solution here is to make the animal feel that you are not a danger to it. Walk away from the animal, and let the animal see you walking away. let the animal feel that you are not interestes in it. So, in short. zic-zac your path. Whenever it notices you, walk away so it can see you moving away, and when you and the animal are not in each others line of sight, move towards the animal as silently as you can.
  3. Camouflage. It helps to wear clothes that blend into the surroundings. Imagine wearing a bright yellow shirt in the wilderness!
  4. Maintain silence. This is very important. Animals have a superior sense of hearing, and will become alert at the slightest sound of you talking with your friends.
  5. Try to approach an animal against the wind. Most animals have a keen of smell and if the wind blows from your direction to the animal, it will immediately smeel you and know your presence. Hence try to approach it in such a way that the wind blows from tahe animal towards you.
  6. Avoid perfumes/after-shaves/lipsticks. If you wear it, It will smell you even before you can come reasonably close to it.
  7. Use a hide if possible. If you have planned in advance, consider shooting from a well-camouflaged hide.
  8. Point to consider when setting up your hide. Animals (remember, this includes birds) are vary of strange items. if they suddenly see a hide where none existed earlier, they will grow suspicious.
  9. Subject welfare. Remember, the welfare of the subject is your respomsibility.
by: Rohinton Mehta

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