Thursday, March 8, 2018

Nikon D750: Nikon... You've created a monster

I copy this articel from because i really amaze with Nikon D750, One thing that shock me is Nikon D750 still give an acceptable image even the picture force to take under 5 stops.

Extreme Sensor Test: 5 Stop Under Exposure 

While not a real world example (unless you have serious exposure issues!), below is a 5 stop under exposure at ISO 100. The same gear and settings as before, the Nikon 35/1.8G using 12bit Lossless Compressed RAW recording.

The above image, imported into Lightroom with the exposure pushed +5 stops, is below. Mind boggling detail recovery! The depth of detail in the dark shadow areas seems to defy logic, they are essentially black in the original image. Stunning.

The 5D3 version has consistent banding and a tartan-like chroma noise. Chroma noise is the type you don’t want, it’s very hard, if not impossible, to fix in post. Even in black and white it looks blotchy. Lower dynamic range is the reason the colours are poor; I couldn’t actually get the whites white without making the rest of the image look unnatural. There is also detail loss in the dark areas.

To save you scrolling I’ve placed the D750 version below again for quick comparison. I repeat, this is not a real world example, it’s simply testing the furthest reaches of the sensor. The Canon 5D3 is a very good camera and it has served many professionals very well indeed. It just shows how good that D750 sensor is, and it’s great to know that capability sits behind your RAW files.

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